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The Society was formed in 1917 with the object of increasing the interest of brethren in masonry by means of lectures, papers and discussions on its history, antiquities, ritualism and symbolism, and to provide a centre and bond of union for masonic students in the Province of Bristol. It has become a forum in which brethren from the Province can meet with brethren from their neighbouring Provinces - Membership is open to all Master Masons.

The Society meets five times a year and masonic regalia is not worn at these meetings.

Meetings usually take place in the form of a paper, delivered by an invited speaker or a member of the society, followed by a discussion. Occasionally an old ritual is performed by a visiting demonstration team.

In addition, the society has a summer outing to a place of some masonic interest.

For further information on the Bristol Masonic Society please visit our BMS Website